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How Our Telemedicine Program Works? is built on a  secure HIPAA compliant platform that enables our providers to manage your wellness needs through a convenient video chat from the comforts our your own home. does not manage primary care. You are expected to maintain an established relationship with your primary care physician with routine check ups.

  • Step 1) Complete Membership Process. Annual Membership Fee of $50. Membership Fee covers initial secure video chat with one of our health care providers. 

  • Step 2) Once you are member, you will have access to purchase any of our vitamin and amino acid injections.

  • Step 3) Once you have made your online purchase for the desired vitamin and/or amino acid injection of your choice, you will receive an email with instructions on how to book your appointment with one of our providers.


Regulations require you to receive a consultation with a licensed medical professional in order to receive any vitamin, amino acid and/or nutraceutical injection therapy.

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